Nihao! We are:
• a chinese fast-food chain
• our chefs are culture bearers
• a real Chinatown in Moscow

About us

Chiho is a glutton boy translated from Chinese. He lives in a cozy apartment, in a real Chinatown. Behind the door there is a teleport to that very street — multicolored, narrow, noisy, with variegated signs and lights — there are a lot of streets of this kind in China. There are bright graffiti, announcements and posters on the walls, akumandra from the columns, alluring aromas of spices in the air.

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You can find some Chinese people in the open kitchen. They are the only ones who know the secret of the taste and cuisine of the China and the chef Tzin Fuchun, originally from Harbin.


The menu has its own color noodles and authentic Chinese snacks - woody mushrooms, pork ears, soy sprouts, mapo tofu and smashed cucumbers.


Chicken Kowloon, eggplants in sweet and sour sauce, fried milk is a must for consumption!


Chinese drink with goji, wild rose with ginger, Harbin beer, real Bubble Tea, mango, jasmine and feijoa lemonade are absolute hit drink.


The main thing about Chiho. Here everyone has the opportunity to take the first step in getting acquainted with China and Chinese cuisine, to dispel myths and stereotypes, learn and taste it as it is.

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